A juggler with a teaching degree. Who knew?

There’s more to circus than you think. CirqueWorks offers a full range of curriculum based educational circus programs for students in elementary, middle, and high schools across Canada. Programs are led by Eric The Juggler. We offer:

  • Intro to Everything (circus skills)
  • Presentation Skills
  • Equipment Building Workshop
  • A Week in the Circus: Cross Curricular Unit Project

Contact us for more information, including lesson plans, curriculum expectations, and rates.

Teaching Qualifications

Yes, Eric is an experienced teacher, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Education. He’s qualified to teach Junior, Intermediate and Senior students and is in good standing with the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation. He’s worked with students from grade 1 to the college level, including those in remote northern communities and has spent the last five years teaching senior level PreCal 11 and 12 Math and Junior Science to high school kids in Northern BC. Eric has a lot of respect for the work that schools do, and for the efforts of students.

Testimonials from educators

The students were engaged right away! Eric’s programs are beneficial for developing social skills and self-confidence. He is fun, and brings an acceptance level to the classroom where everyone can feel comfortable participating.
Trudy W., Teacher, Sioux Lookout, ON

Eric is a former teacher, and it shows in his presentation. He is quick to learn each students’ name, and quick to involve the students in his demonstration as volunteers. He brings a wonderful and contagious enthusiasm to the school“.
Jacky C., Principal, Pic Mobert First Nation, ON

Eric established rapport quickly and comfortably. I was impressed with his ability to read the situation and respond appropriately. Eric managed the classroom without requiring the teacher to intervene.
Darryl T. Principal, Pelican Falls, ON

Eric was a pleasure to have at our school. He even got engagement from many of our shy students, which is a challenge to do. It was a great experience.
Anna C., Teacher, Pelican Falls, ON

Even my most challenging (and challenged) students were positively engaged.
Cindy S., Teacher, Thunder Bay, ON

Eric was fantastic with the kids! They were all on task, interested and engaged the whole time. I noticed learning skills were integrated as well: initiative, self-regulation, independent learning, perseverance, organization, collaboration…this really was great!
Lisa S., Teacher, Sioux Lookout, ON