CirqueWorks was originally founded by Eric The Juggler and Classy M’Lassie, the joint effort from a man from Thunder bay and a woman from Vancouver Island way back in 2013. Together they taught thousands of students and performed in front of thousands of people from Southern Ontario to Vancouver Island and everywhere in between.

Without both Eric The Juggler and Classy M’Lassie, CirqueWorks would not have happened.

Eric The Juggler

Eric started this whole production by deciding to capitalize on his people skills, juggling skills, and complete disregard for convention. He moved on from his career as a full-time teacher in northwest Ontario and did what most of us would do: pick up a chainsaw and start juggling.

Classy M’Lassie

Classy M’Lassie came on board in 2013 where she quickly put her natural weirdness into good use making balloon animals and riding a tiny bicycle, as well as website design, bringing in photography skills and all the promotional material associated with running a full time touring business.